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Research shows human hands are increasing in size with growing phones sizes, among other findings

05, Oct 2014 By vargv

A new research by a team of scientists of  Massivechutiyas Institute of Technology (MIT) has shown that the size of the human palm is increasing gradually. Researchers point that this phenomenon is associated with the increasing size of smart phones.

Big Hands!

“The earlier man used tools that he could easily fit in his hands; nature made him that way. But in modern times with the introduction of giant screens, tablets, ipads, etc the human hands have evolved to compete with the tech market. Earlier phones were small enough for us to traverse the entire screen using our thumb, but now the thumb size is also increasing to reach the upper part of the phone. Survival of the fittest. If you can’t type fast, and take selfies with one hand, you will be eaten. It’s a jungle out there”, said a scientist.

Another team also revealed that the faces of women are seeing a change. The jaw line, teeth and lip structure is also evolving, protruding out to resemble that of a duck. Women pout so much. If you take more than 100 pics per day with a constant pout, you are bound to alter your facial structure with time. From apes to humans, women are moving towards ducks now. Anushka Sharma has reached that stage of evolution recently.

Also, brain sizes were found to be shrinking with time. The lines,depressions and elevations on the brain, which are a sign of intellect, are diminishing. “People simply don’t use their brains any more. The organ is becoming redundant. Look at Rahul Gandhi. His brain is as flat as Sonam Kapoor”, the researcher said.

As time and technology progresses and human intellect dips, newer evolutionary changes are expected in humans. Seeing the world in different shades; speaking only in 140 characters; saying “lol” instead of laughing;  taking pics of food instead of eating it; acceptance of payment in the form of “likes” and “photo credits” ; publishing your secret life stories as a novel; etc are the expected consequences. The new species is being dubbed as “Robo sapien sapien”.