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Rahul Yadav to do start-up based reality show post

02, Jul 2015 By Sagar Birla

Mumbai: Realty portal Housing has sacked its CEO and co-founder Rahul Yadav with immediate effect. Since Arnab is still busy with LalitGate, Faking News was the first to get in touch with Rahul Yadav post his resignation. The guy is already a sensation and inspiration among the Indian youth. We had a short interview with him over phone:

Rahul Yadav contemplating if he should be part of a reality show
Rahul Yadav contemplating if he should be part of a reality show

Q: Tell us about your life at IIT Mumbai.

A: I used to stay in H-3 at IIT Mumbai. I rarely used to use my room. Most of the time, I would be outside the college contacting various brokers and realtors. So, I decided to give my room for rent. That is the money which I actually used for the initial funding of Housing. I used to give my room to various clubs and admins for practice and meetings. There was a common calendar on DC to make a reservation for my room. Business was too good during those days. Some of my seniors became regular customers and they used to book room on ‘hourly’ basis.

Q: Then why did you leave college before completion?

A: By the end of 5th semester, I knew that if I complete my graduation I would going to end up as a five point someone. The other reason was that even guys from Mechanical had girl-friends. I was from Computer Science and still no girl used to even interact with me. So, I decided to drop out of college and continue with my passion of becoming the ultimate ‘broker’. The rest, as you know, is history.

Q: Can you please elaborate about that entire resigning and re-signing episode?

A:  Truth is, I was in dire need of money. Actual money and not stocks. I was told that I would be given 10 months’ salary on immediate termination from job. So, I resigned. But these HRs played me, too, like all other employees. The catch was only on ‘termination’ and not leaving. Therefore, I joined back and decided to do something which will make them fire me. I tried to sell my stocks. I was actually trying to trade them off with some employees and not distributing or anything. I am not that stupid. I was selling my stocks for some real money but it did not happen. Then I tried various schemes and today we are here. Finally, laid off and getting some real cash.

Q: What are your plans ahead? How would be life post Housing?

A: I want to do something big, bigger than Housing. I don’t want to do another start-up now. I already have some offers on table and some plans on my mind. One of the TV channel has approached me and they want to do a Roadie-based reality show where contestants would be people with start-ups in their seeding phase and funding would be the prize for them. I have seen and felt from my personal experiences that abusing other, in particular board of members and investors, has its own consequences. But, here I can curse whoever I want.

I have also challenged CEO of Ola, Zomato, Quiker and others to be my fellow judges.It would be Indian version of Tech-crunch but only better and more exciting. The team who would do least cash-burn (of investor’s money) would be eliminated every week. Tasks would vary from doing AMA on Reddit to throwing office parties. I think Indian people would like such a show.

Q: What have your parents to say about all this?

A: My mom is really sad. She says that I am already 26 and a Yadav on top of that. There were no marriage proposals for me as it is. People used to have their concerns as I was working in a start-up. And now, she is more tensed because I am out of job as well. But I hope everything will work out eventually.

Q: Tell us a secret about you that nobody knows.

A: I still have to google ‘entrepreneur’ spelling every time I use it anywhere.