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Public reactions after launch of India's Mars mission

06, Nov 2013 By Fakerazzi

Various Protagonists in our social game have thus responded to India’s Mars mission.

Mulayam, Lalu & Party: We need India to launch Pluto (Dalit Planet) mission. This is manuwadi conspiracy. For every mars and Moon mission, there should be one Pluto mission also. India should avoid further Moon Missions. Too many Moon missions have happened since Moon belongs to majority community.

BJP & RSS: We conquered the zero space. India is again the super power. NaMo is bringing the change. We should launch the Rahu Mission and Ketu Mission also. We stage the walkout against American participation. Hanuman dhwaja in each house of India is very effective transceiver. Let’s have parliamentary probe on delay due to NASA.

Iluustration of diatraught astronaut after such reactions.
Iluustration of diatraught astronaut after such reactions.

RaGa: Mom was jumping in her room when this was announced. My father had always dreamt about this when flying as pilot. My grandmother had started this process when she conquered Bangladesh. Indebted India will call it Rajiv Gandhi Ke Sapnon ki Udaan.

Congress spokesperson: When RaGa talked about Bangladesh, He meant emotional conquest.

NCW, Vivek wadhwa & HR brigade: India must launch a Pink Satelite to Venus. All the scientists on that team should be women to correct historical imbalance.  Candlelight watch & 500 meter walk is organized every time Venus is visible to let it know that we care for it.

Arnab on India TV: What the universe is asking about this incursion in its haunted house? Why India needs the mission to Mars? Is it alien conspiracy to steal Metal from India? Universe demands the answer. Did India find Aliens on Mars?

Ekta Kapoor: “Kabhi Mars par bhi Ek Rocket Gaya Tha”, “Mars, Venus aur Moon Ki Kahani”.

Barkha Dutt from SL border: Rajiv Gandhi started peace process in SL. Peace in SL enabled ISRO to concentrate on Mars mission. Let’s meet the soldiers who guarded the launch compound in the program “We the Aliens”. We must honor our brave soldiers saving launchpad from alien invasion.

Imam Bukhari, Azam Khan & Deoband: This is un-islamic. We hate America. Venus mission rocket must be shrouded in black cloths.

Atheists, Rationalists & Javed Akhtar: ISRO chairman should not have went to Tirupati before the launch. His personal beliefs should not affect global interests. Appoint ram Gopal Verma as ISRO chairman.

Snowden: NSA in collaboration with NASA and ISRO is collecting communication data between aliens.

Chetan Bhagat: Thus story begins when two innocent looking clueless aliens hitched the ride from Mars to Venus on the Indian outsourcing Rocket going from Mars to Moon via Venus. An alien gal joined them on Venus and suddenly rocket changed direction & drifted to outer space.

Aam Aadmi: So What?