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Phon-e-tricks: Size SIMplified

21, Apr 2015 By

With the evolution of phone sizes from micro to scarecrow, the simple ample use of the phone has turned out to be more than the milli meter dimensions.

Recently, one of my neighbours, Sim Mitra Devi served drinks to dozen of guests with a musical plate in a single serve and we wondered what the hell was that plate about for which she chuckled and responded that it was a new chony xperia ultra phablet (dimensionally challenged tablet).

Our 16th cross backstreet boys are using their Satsung Galaxy Note 8 with wheels as an alternate for skating boards, when asked about how they have a better control on skate they proudly exclaimed, “We use slide to unlock option Anna!”

One Mobile; Many Usages. From Chappati Rolling Board to Scatting Board
One Mobile; Many Usages. From Chappati Rolling Board to Scatting Board

Amazed with phon-e-tricks, we moved on to next gully to explore more mobile jugads. Fortunately, we came across a Chotu Motu push cart canteen where the new Psychcro-Max Canvas was used as chapati roll board. We intervened the chief chef Cookkuswamy on whether the mobile won’t be damaged with oil, flour and other ingredients for which our chief chef patiently responded “Nodi sir (trsltn: Look sir), this mobile is oleophobic and IPS 8 certified for flour and dust proof, we happily flat out the chapatis”, after which we concluded our chat with voraciously munching hot served chapatis.

To serve the economic class digitally better, the mobile Congress led by BJP leaders came out with new HTShit Ra Ga edition phones. Curious on the announcement and also nation wanted to know, we contacted few insiders (technically bribed) to know more on the new edition phone. Based on the limited information we received, we can say that the new phone carries 2G / 3G scam sorry cam which can easily be used to capture someone’s selfie. Also every currency recharge under RaGa edition will be taxed allowing users to receive only incoming calls and need to submit Adhaar card for outgoing calls at subsidized rate.

Astonished with the jaw dropping RaGa scheme we moved on with our objective to explore other mobile trends. On our journey to Batteryrayanapura in Bangalore, few children caught our attention in the playground. Kids used pineapples innovative eyephone 6 as a slide and rusty old wokya 1100 as a ladder to play. To beat the scorching summer, playground was roofed with Satsung grand phone.

To understand on inclining yet confusing trend of bigger phones we spoke to technology expert GP Singh aka GPS in mobile community, though he wanted to share his observations he was refrained to share by Tirumala regulatory advising institution (TRAI). ISPs and telecom industries were found to be controlling matrimonial site proposals so that they decide who gets married to who by loading specific proposals.

Sights of mobiles used as sleeping cots, plank to cross drainage, parking lot roofs, vegetable selling carts, wall clocks and movie screens were reported. Integrated with high-end technologies and monstrous display sizes we conclude that the trend of bigger phones are going to be bigger and are unable to foresee how more innovatively phones could be applied for usage in day to day life.