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People in India start bargaining to download apps at lower price from AppStore, Tim Cook shocked

16, May 2015 By Tech Baba

Mumbai. The app market situation in India is experiencing some serious trouble: Our bargaining habit!

It is reported that a large number of Indians have started mailing Apple to give them discounts on top apps and games on the AppStore market, which has resulted in a chaos for developers.

3 fresh bargaining offers
3 fresh bargaining offers

Sher Shah, a game character from recently launched game Special Ops by GameEon developed in India, called up Tim Cook to talk about this situation. The call lasted for 4:20 minutes and in those minutes some serious shit was discussed. At first Tim was reluctant to talk about the Indian market but Sher was smart enough to leverage Tim’s secrets (wink wink) to his advantage and get things done.

Tim agreed to look into the situation and provide a necessary solution. Some key points discussed in the call were as follows:

  • Option to bargain price on AppStore by including a ‘Bargain’ button
  • Provide 1 free (paid) app per day from AppStore
  • Provide free recharge coupons on purchase of Rs. 100 or more from AppStore
  • 1 complementary app with purchase of 5 apps or more
  • Lucky winner contest per month for person downloading most apps

We will be seeing these and some really awesome stuff coming our way from Apple. We Indians are natural at bargaining prices and this new change will get us the best deal from the AppStore.

Mothers all over India will start getting showered with more love because lets face it, they are the best bargainers! Now moms won’t have to complain when their son spends a lot of time on iOS devices since they can now threaten him by saying, “Agli baar bargain apne Papa se karwa lena“. Updates will be rolling out in 9 months 2 days and 11 hours.

We tried contacting Tim Cook regarding this but because of the closed nature of Apple we weren’t able to get much info from him. However, we sent our special thanks to Sher Shah from Special Ops because of whom all this was possible. You can thank him personally by downloading Special Ops which is available on AppStore and PlayStore. Tim Cook has hired Sher Shah to give him more tips on the updates.

We look forward to this new change in the Apple Ecosystem. This is a proud moment for us since our bargaining power rules the world!