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Paani, the grand new successor of Akash tablet

16, Dec 2013 By Deb D Barman

Indian IT ministry just can’t get enough from its flagship android tablet AKASH, the perfect symbol of performance and usability. Lending the same DNA that empowers it; PAANI- a new flagship solar-powered, DOS based, touchscreen laptop is on its way from stable of IT ministry to stun the world once again.


As per the leak from Information Ministry official website, PAANI will be a feature rich powerful device that will uphold India’s soft and hard power across globe. Along with best in class hardware, PAANI will host a UPA themed GUI as well. As per website claim, one single PAANI will have enough computing power to match and outperform the capability of five experienced government office clerks (working on contract to bribe basis).

In order to make PAANI more practical and useful, special tailored apps will be pre-installed. Apps like “Find RSS hand“, “5 Rs restaurant finder”, “Mute Arnab Goswami”, “Scam Wallet”, “Vote for Note” are sure to lure Indian citizens. Once connected with internet, user will be able to access and update any government website content including Defense and CBI.

A Bangalore based e-waste recycling company is holding the production and marketing contract for PAANI. As per company spokesperson,IIT is investing some of their never used research funds and talent for technical and research assistance for this ambitious project.

Respected IT minister, when contacted about this leak, smiled with dancing white eyebrows and commented “No comments “.However with his brilliant gesture anyone could feel the vibe of pride and hence guess the correctness of this news.

In Uttar Pradesh education sensitive state government has already pre ordered ten thousand special CM themed PAANIs. They are hopeful this move will create a brighter image for democratic and non-communal state government.

As per internal source, for mango people PAANI will be available on pre-order before 2014 election and IRCTC has agreed to offer online shopping platform, as its network bandwidth is heavily unused.