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Nominations of honourable people for mission mars after Faking News survey

06, Nov 2013 By sankalppandey4

Faking news has done what was awaited by millions of people from the entire country. Faking news was asked to conduct a survey asking what was the “OPINION” of the nation. Who should go on mission mars?

There were very few options but enough for the nation to choose amongst them. Although Faking cannot disclose all the names but result has been announced.

No prizes for guessing as to who won the maximum number of votes and stole the whole show. “It was Shri Rahul Gandhi ji who has got 53% votes,” said congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari. He furthur added, “We always knew that he was going to win. He then announced the there are only 5 peoples who could go to mission mars because the scientists have said thatadding more people will increase the weight of the Mangalyaan and this could lead to a disaster.

Manish Tiwari then announced the most awaited part. “The names of the people and their no. of votes in accending order are Shri Rahul Gandhi ji- 53%, Shri Digvijay Singh- 19%, Shri Sanjay Jha- 13%, Shri Kapil Sibbal- 10% and myself Manish Tiwai- 5% votes,” further announced Manish in holistic voice. The reporters were screaming as they heard the results. One reporter asked, “How come Sanjay Jha is this much behindbbehind?” To this the congress spokesperson said after staring him for few seconds, “The survey’s result was observed and Incharged under the supervision of shri Rahul Gandhi ji only and reviwed by myself and Kapil Sibbal ji. So how can you ask such rediculous questions.”

Meanwhile faking news got an important information by its sources that Robert Vadra has already been sent to the moon. It was a top secret mission by ISRO. Robert Vadra is en route to his Mars mission with his Vadra builders and developers company officials few weeks before the actual Mission Mars. He has been asked to search for some land peices for SHEHZADA’s dream home which he saw it one night in his dreams.

Rahul Gandhi has also asked his jiju to search for a Dalit’s house for his food and other daily necessities.

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