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New Xbox game ‘Scam Raja’ a huge success

19, Nov 2013 By Ash Kabir

Microsoft today announced that sales of its latest Xbox game, “Scam Raja” has touched the 10 million mark.

Evolving with society.
Evolving with society.

The game allows the users to assume the role of a newly elected Indian politician and challenges the player to amass the most power and black money through various scams.

Some of the schemes that players can score points from include: siphoning off public money, fixing an IPL game, increasing communal divisions, having a court case lasting more than fifteen years, and shouting with Arnab Goswami on Timesnow.

Players may also lose points if they: cannot get their children plumb postings with a PSU, learn to read, take action against cross-border terrorism, or fail to have one affair with a film actress.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha commented, “We will distribute pirated copies to all members of the UPA and hope this will help inspire some more creative scams in the future.  How many times can one do the same old oil and coal scams over and over?  The people demand variety.”

Microsoft said it is so overwhelmed with the response to ‘Scam Raja’ that it is developing a sequel that challenges the user to mismanage Air India and get the maximum bailout money.