Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Net bliss blossoms in Norway now

13, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is the very use of going on the far away Moon or the outlying Mars when the internet speed is handy at its fastest speed in a country like Norway on this living planet. This is the most even-handed service accessible on some stunning part of the wider revolving earth. We know, we hardly identify with the spirit of the revolution. This is so because we cannot like the bloody idea of the blood-spattered battle for wholesome common sense. However, we sensibly try to follow common sense in the internet speed as it has turned out to be our bread and butter in the existing contemporary conditions.

For all of us, a sensible, realistic and practical politician actually stands for as a person who can be comprehensively relied upon doing nothing at all; that is where his common sense enters precisely. The mobile user also feels straight away for the network speed that is why he keeps on dangling between 2G, 3G,4G and what G sensibly. This staunch feeling at the back of the digital revolution is the most genuine sensitivity for it is said to be helping him on the social media every time. In our country what is rejected bravely is the slower net speed.

The latest report can logically goad the glad users to reconsider about bringing change in their long-established habit of settling in the US of A. For, the actual permanent bliss rests in the Eastern Europe. When the broadband air speed is fast and full-strength there, the joy of staying on the Smartphone gets doubled instantly. Who would like to detach himself from the magical speed of 52.6 megabytes? There must have been buried an obscure sentiment in the countless mobile users’ hearts that they were now positioned near something new, queer, paradoxical and strange platitude.