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NASA finds Aakash Tablet in space, Refuses to return

27, Mar 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. After many wondered where had Aakash, the much touted low-cost tablet announced by the government had gone, the pleasant news came in: One tablet was found in space by NASA scientists, who were searching for Aliens.

The Indian government demanded the tablet to be returned because it was the property of the government, however NASA has rejected such demands.

Here are highlights of the interview with NASA head, conducted by this Faking News reporter:

FN: Where did you find the Aakash tablet?

NASA Head Showing the AAKASH Tablet

NASA: We found it moving in the sky last night; the tablet was blinking because of an incoming call from some Digvijay Singh.

FN: Sir, what were you trying to find out in the sky?

NASA: Good Question, we were looking for aliens. We thought we got some alien gadget but after inspection we found out that it was a tablet Made in China and India.

FN: How did you find out that this tablet belonged to the Indian government?

NASA: It is very simple; We googled “Digvijay Singh” after seeing the missed call. And we knew the truth after we got back to our senses after reading up on Digvijay Singh.

FN: Sir you know Digvijay Singh?

NASA: Google knows.

FN: Hmm.. Why don’t you return it to the Indian government as you know that this is Indian government’s property?

NASA: We found it in space, which in international area.

FN: So you refuse to accept the jurisdiction of India in this issue?

NASA: Yes.

So it looks like another Italian Marines like controversy is brewing up. Meanwhile the government of India has set up an inquiry commission to look into the matter. Millions of rupees will be spend to find out how it landed up in sky.