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Naaptol to sell mobiles with LAN port and CD drive after success of 4 sim mobiles

04, Aug 2016 By chakri

Bengaluru: After the huge success of mobiles with 4 and 6 sim slots, naaptol gets ready for another disruptive product in the smart phone segment. Sources say that they are in close talks with manufacturers to release mobiles with a LAN port and CD Drive. Alok, who earns his living by reviewing latest gadgets says that this could be the killer in the smart phone segment. “This is what we are waiting for. A perfect definition for a flagship mobile. This will sure disrupt the hopes of other mobile manufacturers” He said.

Naptol's upcoming Mobile
Naptol’s upcoming Mobile

Recently, a Chinese media company leaked the images of the much anticipated mobile which is the hot topic on the internet. When asked about the plan, Eranna, a business analyst said, “Naaptol has always been a boon for smart phone buyers. They sell products which you cant find anywhere on earth. That too at the lowest prices possible. Without them, many would have been living in darkness without gadgets.”

Venky, a techie expressed happiness over the news. He shouted, “Eagerly waiting for the launch. Now my worries are gone. I don’t have wifi router at home. This is what innovation is. Now, I can connect my broadband cable direct to the phone. And more over, I have a lot of CDs lying at home. Now I can happily use them. Smartest phone ever!”

Also sources say that the next version of the phone will be with DVD player and a DTH slot. But that may take a while as the current technology is not capable of doing so. When faking news reporter approached the spokesperson of Naaptol, he neither accepted nor denied the launch of the phone. He said,”I cant comment on this at the moment. But one thing is for sure. Naaptol is known for selling things from out of the world at very cheap prices. Wait for the surprise!!”