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MTNL helpline music to be nominated for best foreign music for Oscars

19, Aug 2013 By advancedexter

The employees of the popular Telecom Service provider company MTNL often joked as ‘Mera Telephone Nahi Lagta’ are in awe are changing into their finest suits. If sources are to be believed, the famous 20-30 minute music of the ‘Chutiya Krupaya hold kare. Aapka call mahatvapurna hai’ is nominated in the category of ‘Best foreign music’ for the Oscars. Will Smith is touted to be the host to the diligant employees of MTNL and the music composer team. One employee was heard saying ‘The tune is composed by Pritam and that the originality may come into the picture eliminating any possible chance of victory.’ Pritam was last seen searching Youtube channels for INSPIRATION and remained unavailable for comments.

Users are however taking to the streets to protest against the MTNL helpline. An agitated customer says he missed the whole of Diwali when he was repeatedly told ‘Aap Qatar mein hai’. Later it turned out The message should have been ‘Aap India Mein’. Qatar was the country not the queue. Another customer said, ‘I am totally aghast at the decision. I am protesting because I was told Aapka Call mahatvapurna hai and he overheard some employee saying ‘Chaman Zhinge log  kuch bhi  yakeen karte hai’ Angry MTNL subscribers are planning to approach the Oscar committee to scrap the category altogether.

This issue has blatantly reached the parliament. If unreliable sources are to be believed, It was Barack Obama who after holding the line for 11 hours 23 minutes suggested that the MTNL soothing music be nominated. It is said that he had used MTNL connection to transfer his mails when he was in India. He was mesmerized at the beauty of Indian classical music. However he adds he failed to comprehend the lady’s comment that, ‘Abeyy takle phone rakh. Kya baar baar call kar raha hai!’

Guns N Roses had approached MTNL to get rights of their song. When MTNL refused their demands saying No Slash, No Rights; they immediately patched up with the guitarist and the band has been reformed again. MTNL has announced there will be a bidding for acquiring the rights of their music. Anu Malik, GNR, a local Bhandup band called ‘Mirchi Lagaiyle’ and Rihanna are at loggerheads with all of them willing to pay $500000 for the tune.

“This is not a small issue” says one citizen. He was beaten by  a group of hooligans when his ringtone turned out to be the music of MTNL. This music has already become a worldwide rage with Youtube hits crossing over 35 billion and downloads more than 5 billion. Apple.Inc has approached the MTNL company to have a joint patent. NOKIA approached saying maybe this music help their sales. The world is frenzied over the rage that the tune has caused and it is the unanimous choice for the Oscar. The chaiwala of MTNL proclaims that it was his idea to compose the tune and along with Chetan Bhagat is now demanding credit and says Pritam is nowhere in the picture.

BREAKING NEWS-MTNL employees have boarded the flight to the US already. Reports say they will be arrive after 10 days and will be welcomed by Bappi Lahiri, Krupashankar Singh and the Indian Cricket Team.