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Mortal Kombat Indian edition to be launched with special 'Khooni Panja' power

27, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New  Jersey. The developer team of the popular game Mortal Kombat have revealed in a press interview that a new Indian Edition of the game would soon be launched. Faking News has been given exclusive rights to publish some excerpts of the interview of their team leader.

Khooni Panja
Khooni Panja

How did the idea of an Indian edition come up?

While I was on a tour to India, I came across this bearded man addressing a huge gathering. His animated and cartoon like gestures, his power to inspire awe in the people while speaking crap, the chanting of his name by thousands of jobless people etc etc enthralled me. I got teary eyed as I saw a character for my game in him. It was a very  emotional moment. It is he who inspired me to develop this Indian edition of the game.

How did you  come up with the other characters?

It was easy. All I had to do was google Indian Politics. The search engine, which could get an Indian visa to a Pakistani within few days as per their advertisement, helped me in searching the characters for my fighting game. It was really interesting. Some personalities amused me so much that I ended up giving some special powers to them in the game.

How were the powers decided for the special Indian edition?

You think the political party symbols aren’t powerful enough? There is this special power when you press Del+S+P and this elephant comes rampaging into the arena taking away half the life of the opponent. You can only save yourself if you repeatedly press S+P+End and a bicycle comes and lifts you off the arena. The other  powers are also so interesting that we think that this version would outsell all the previous versions.

Which is the best weapon in this game?

During that speech by the bearded man, when I was about to leave after laughing my ass off for about an hour, he came up with something that took my breath away! As i looked at him, he had his palm up towards the people and, with bloodshot eyes, kept repeating the words ‘khooni panja’. I resisted the temptation of stripping down to the bare minimum and shouting “Eureka! Eureka’ amongst the crowd. There was it! the ultimate weapon- “the Khooni Panja” or the “the Bloody palm”. You fight yourself to the final round in the game and when you are about to loose all you have to do is  press R+G+F+U! And its done. You WIN!

Any special additions in the game?

We had to add an additional ‘Italian language’ option in the game settings. We were told we would have difficulty in launching the game in India otherwise.