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Modi govt nails it again, Mangalyaan enters martian orbit

24, Sep 2014 By piyushgrover

The auspicious day of Sep 24, 2014 has made the history in the space research, the first low cost spacecraft has successfully entered into the martian orbit. Not just the ISRO’s scientists but the whole nation is celebrating the success and not to the surprise, Bhakts are rejoicing it more than ever.

When asked, a Bhakt replied, “the Mangalyaan left the earth’s orbit on 5th Nov, even after six months of travel, it could not enter the martian orbit but within three months of NaMo taking PM’s oath, it successfully made it to where it was supposed to.” When our reporter asked a cross question that Mars is so far that takes around an year to reach, the Bhakt replied with the confidence, “that’s true, the universe is so vast that it could have even entered the black hole but you know, the proper guidance and direction of Mr. NaMo has made it to the martian orbit.”

Congratulating ISRO’s scientists, we discussed about the next projects plans in the space research. “Our next target would be to send a human on the mars since China is intruding our territory and we are putting different parts of the country into dispute zone, we never know when China may claim for the whole country. If we fell into that situation, our technology should be supportive enough to create a colony on the red planet and we should be capable enough to locate every citizen there.” said the Mangalyaan chairman Dr. Radhakrishnan, alma mater of IIT KGP & IIMB.

Our reporter asked Mr. RaGa for his comments on the same, “I have always said, only the escape velocity can empower the women and the dalits of  this country, never thought the same could work for the mars craft. I should have patented my thoughts (chuckles).”

P.S. I congratulate the fellow indians and thank the ISRO’s scientists for the extraordinary success.