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Microsoft to use Rahul Gandhi’s speech to generate random words

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer and Chairman Bill Gates both while analyzing Rahul Gandhi’s speech were amazed by the fact that most of the sentences were just some random combination of words.

They said that it finds great application in the naming of variables as well as in the encryption. They added that the best part with Rahul Gandhi’s speech is that not only any of its sentences make any sense but also it doesn’t have any context so it can also be used as a passkey for secure transactions.

He is the only man in the world with this unique ability. They said that previously they used to hire people from Mental Asylum for the same but even those people sometimes make sensible sentences so manual interruption was needed with those people but Rahul Gandhi’s performance is extraordinary and it will help the company in saving lots of cost.

While talking to Faking news Rahul said something which our interpreter decrypted as he was trying to say that it is because of multicultural parenting and regular tour to Swiss banks with his mother he had this ability from childhood.

Being an Indian father, Italian mother and Swiss bank accounts he from his childhood used to take some words from each language and form such unintelligible sentences though it took him some time to master in forming unintelligible English only sentences.

Initially Microsoft was considering Nicki Minaj’s songs for this but after hearing Rahul Gandhi’s speeches it is totally one sided. Inspired by this Rahul Gandhi has decided to upload all his speeches on the website from where users can download random words and sentences as per their wishes and the money earned will be used for fundraising for the 2014 elections.