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Microsoft decides to hire only from Manipal

14, May 2015 By arniewrites

A couple of months after Satya Nadella completed his 1 year tenure as the CEO of Microsoft, the board of directors has decided that they will hire only students from Manipal Institute of Technology.

There was a time when a Harvard dropout (read Bill Gates) could become the richest man in the world. But after a Stanford dropout (read Steve Ballmer) messed the hell out of the company, the board members and investors are more than convinced that hiring dropouts from the top colleges in the US is no more an option.

The news spread like wildfire in the wilderness of the university town of Manipal. Though students were clueless as to whether they need to be a drop out from MIT(yes, that’s what they like to call their college) or not.

Teachers, on the other hand, were visibly perplexed. They were unsure if the students will be able to deliver to Microsoft’s expectations. One of them, who didnt want to be named, said “It’s good news for the students and the institute. But it is sad that everyone noticed Nadella to be an alumnus of this insitute but no one acknowledged that he also did his post graduation from the University of Wisconsin.”

Satya Nadella’s office declined to comment when we tried to reach them.