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Micromax International launches Kryptonite powered mobile phones

16, Jan 2014 By Albert Lobo

Micromax International has beaten Samsung, Apple & the likes with their R&D team developing Kryptonite powered mobile phones. Traditional mobile phones come with Li-Ion batteries which last for 2-3 days of usage, when charged.

Powering Micromax.

These new phones will be powered with Kryptonite. It is the ore form of a radioactive element from Superman’s home planet of Krypton and is stronger than superman himself.  This enables the Kryptonite batteries to last infinitely once plugged into the mobile phones.

Kryptonite frees the users from charging their mobile phones regularly. With current generation of large screen smart phones, villagers and like, with limited access to electricity are facing serious battery charging difficulties for watching their videos/rich media content, FBing, emailing, gaming & chatting on their 3G enabled handsets along with voice calls. Now, with Kryptonite power, they can watch all their movies & TV shows and do their other activities without any interruption on their mobiles, as reported by our mobile phones expert, Her SnoWiness.

Speaking from their Bathinda Research facility, Dr-Dr Ghanta Singh (double PhD), head of R&D, explained that Micromax International has obtained the universal patent for this technology and will be rolling out multiple models with exciting features like telepathy, mind reading, time warp etc. which will make these mobiles truly versatile in terms of functionality provided.  Dr-Dr Singh demonstrated the universe-class (beyond world-class, in fact galaxy class, not to confuse with Samsung Galaxy) technology where the battery if it drains out, by chance, due to non-usage for very long periods like months, can be recharged in seconds by just immersing the battery in Bisleri bottled mineral water.

Upon this announcement, shares of Apple & Samsung internationally tumbled nearly 30% in last 24 hours. Their value is expected to reduce to a few cents in coming days unless Samsung & Apple agree to merge with Micromax International catapulting Micromax International the numero uno position in communication devices sales world-wide.

If the merger takes place, only then the subsidiaries will be able to use the technology in their products like iPhone & Galaxy series of phones and their tablets. Meanwhile, on the Indian bourses, the stock price of Bisleri catapulted 200% and is at upper circuit all throughout the trading day because of the  kryptonite recharging capability of the minerals in their water, which has the potential of transforming  people who drink this water into Superman.