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Mangalyaan launch success was an accident - Ramer Pillai

06, Nov 2013 By none

As per the well-known science genius Ramer Pillai, success of the launch of India’s maiden Mars expedition was a mere accident.

As per Mr. Pillai, whose claims to fame include extracting petroleum out of grass, someone in ISRO had substituted the value of pi with zero.

Pi is an important mathematical constant for scientific expeditions like this.

Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle. Pi’s value can only be approximated to 3.1415…

Scientists of the world are at loss on how such a mistake could even let Mangalyaan come into existence.

Mr. Pillai has a convincing explanation to what might have happened. His claim is, such success is possible only in India and only before elections of 2014.

We print here his explanation verbatim:

pi = opinions – onions

Because there are no onions, the second term on right hand side is zero.

therefore, pi = opinions – 0 = opinions

However, there are no opinions without onions. This observation can also be supported by the fact that Congress wants NO opinions, even the first term on right hand is zero.

therefore, pi = 0 – 0 = 0.

Hence proved.