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Man replaces his Smart Phone with Smart TV

06, Apr 2015 By abhikar

Mumbai: A man who was tired of his small screen phone of 11 inch, decided to go ahead and buy a smart TV of 40 Inch to carry with him as a phone. When asked reason for this change, he explained, “I went to the electronic store and explained them that I first used 4 inch phone, then 7 inch phablet and then a 12 inch tablet. But even that I find smaller sized screen and hence, wish to get better experience with a bigger screen.

The sales guy was smart and he suggested, “I should get a Smart TV which has got a SIM slot and also 3G.” I was shocked at his suggestion, and was surprised why I  never got this idea before. Then I mentioned one problem to him, that how I would carry this phone. And if he has any flip cover for it. And he said that he could give a bag which delivery boys of or keep, for carrying the Smart TV, for free.

Man carrying his new 40 inch Mobile Phone i.e., Smart TV
Man carrying his new 40 inch Mobile Phone i.e., Smart TV

When asked about his experience of using it, he said “Its incredible now, I can see things so big and clear and resolution is awesome, which means surfing net and watching videos on go is so better now. The Best part is when I get a call, I stop my scooter. Get out my Smart TV on road and enjoy my conversation. Sometimes, if needed I would just bring it out when in lift or waiting for a train and its awesome to watch on such a hi-fi screen.

When asked if it were a little awkward to carry such a big thing, he reverted, “when tablet came did you ever think you would prefer to carry with you such a huge instrument? But you are doing it, right? Soon, I can guarantee, with people getting inspired from my idea would be carrying a Smart TV with them. You cant ignore the benefits it has.”

When asked if any problem he faces with this new instrument and he said, “Only when I am watching some hot item numbers; everyone surrounds me and start watching with me. And thus I get little less privacy”. However, he quickly added, “But you should see, when I bring out my Smart TV with phone out of bag, and kind of style statement it makes with everyone. Their eyes are out and jaws are dropped. And even girls love my big thing.”