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Man invents a mirror which can click Selfies, Women in office kiss him to death

22, Mar 2015 By Sanjay Mohta

In a first for the Silicon Valley, an Indian origin techie has been reportedly kissed to death by his fellow female colleagues.

The man in the news is Ishta Ram Sharma, who used to stalk many females on a photo-sharing site and was known to be particularly fond of women’s mirror selfies.

Just a few weeks ago he had shared his feelings in a blog post on how he wants to improve the quality of life of “first world” women. In particular, he wanted to work in the field of making it easier to click mirror selfies and also somehow find a way to eliminate the presence of the ugly mobile phone itself in the final click.

mirror selfie
Now no need to take out the mobile phone, the mirror will do the job.

The solution was obvious and simple: Why can’t the mirror itself take a selfie and then upload the same directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one shot!

As a test, he installed the mirror in the women’s restroom for the company he was working for and sent out an email to all the female colleagues in the office to test the functionalities.

Thereafter, within seconds hundreds of women were seen flocking to the restroom and they were so happy with the results that they rushed to Ishta Ram’s desk to give him a thank-you kiss for making their life so simple and effective.

However, what was supposed to be a dream day for Ishta Ram turned out to be his last day as too many women kissed him within a minute and his weak engineer heart could not process such female attention.

A memorial service for Ishta Ram has been scheduled in all female restrooms in the USA and India and when this article was written more than 1 million mirror selfies had already been posted online in his fond remembrance.