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Kapil Sibal Announces 'Rahulji OS' for Indian SmartPhone Users

26, Jan 2013 By Ritz

Minister of Communications and I.T. Kapil Sibal announced ‘RahulJi OS’. This OS will launch with new Aakash Smartphone, currently the smartphones are in testing stage and being tested with IIT Students.

When contacted one of the IIT student testing Smartphone said, “It is nice OS with native apps like Chamchagiri Gyan, we get good insights on how big leaders do chamchagiri. Now I am following same guide during exam time to make my professors happy.”

Other in built apps include MadamJi connect, which let users send free messages to Sonia Ji. There are some paid apps also as an option like listen MMS, with this app users can actually listen to Manmohan Singh speaking whenever they want. This app is a premium app and exclusive to this OS only.

This OS can play HD video of Congress leaders only. The smartphone will also have games like Jugaad, SOS Mulayam, and Statue Maker Mayawati.

Sumit who is testing this smartphone currently said, “This smartphone will be a hit among kids as they can play lots of games and beat or challenge scores of Rahul Gandhi. One of the best game is Jugaad; in this game we have to manage a virtual country, players can use CBI to keep playing game but then again it is a payed app.”

One other user Preety said, “This smartphone has a good app to prepare for MBA, one of those apps is Logics of Chidu.”

At launch ceremony, Kapil Sibal said, “With this Smartphone, we will send regular updates on good work done by govt and we can announce new schemes through this smartphone.”

He also claimed that zero rupee loss theory was followed to make this OS. He said, “What ever we have spent in making this OS will be covered by profits of this app. I will personally buy at least 10 Aakash smartphones to keep touch with Madamji. We will constatnly update this app and provide free OTA’s to users.”

(writer at @Android Gyan)