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IT Companies in India to use Whatsapp as Internal Messaging Service

11, May 2015 By The Satire Sadhu

India’s IT service companies have come up with another remarkable decision in this fiscal year. Moving forward to the cost-cutting approaches, they have decided to lean towards free available messaging services. As per the internal resources, Whatsapp’s desktop version has been already getting installed in some companies for Beta Testing of internal IT approach.

Recently, there have been significant steps taken by various IT companies to cut down cost and increase profit margins. Mass lay-offs have recently been in picture. Moving forward, IT companies see Internal Messaging systems license costs as one of the major blockers in increasing profits and have decided to leave the same completely. Reports say that, they will be going out with use of Whatsapp Desktop version for internal communications. India’s top 3 major IT Service Providers TCS (The-only Consultancy Services) , Infocrisys and Hi-Pro has already started implementing this approach. C Ananthkumar, CTO of The-only Consultancy Services has said, “While our prime focus is to provide service solutions, it doesn’t matter which platform we use internally for communication. So, we have decided to go with free messaging system available widely. Moreover, unlike other decisions of cost –cutting (like layoffs and bane on office-stationery), this time we have conducted a survey on our portal before coming to this decision. While as in the survey 73% of employees have chosen whatsapp as preferred communication medium, 26% as viber and only 1% has the opinion to go with existing high-cost messaging system by UBM.”

When talking with one employee of the company Govind Prakash, he stated, “Till now, I and my colleagues hardly spend 1-2 hours on whatsapp while we were in office, and that too not consistently; but now we are glad that we can be online for all 9 hours.” Later he added that he is willing to do overtime or staying late till late night from now on. One more employee Dixita Pandey, a college fresher who joined the company recently says, “I am very much excited with the new communication medium. With this new communication system, we can create groups and discuss issues easily unlike previous messaging system, which did not have any such facility. I am already a co-admin of 4 groups and sole admin of 2 groups. It is amazing to work with such companies as they provide managerial responsibilities from such fresher level.” Some employees were also found discussing that it will become a lot easier to share and add contacts from now on, instead of getting employee details from portal and adding. Also sending screenshot images and file sharing will become easier, which will result in increasing the productivity.

While as the , the reports state that currently only Chat services will be replaced by Whatsapp, gradually later on companies are planning to switch their mail communications to such free service as well. One Senior Group Leader states that, “Anyways the language in mail these days is becoming so informal and clients are also using whatsapp theses days, it is better to switch to it sooner or later”. Meanwhile, this decision has brought the wave of rejoice to Whatsapp Desktop–Design and Development team as well; because this would get lakhs of users instantly, and it wouldn’t be a failure.

So, in overall the decision seems remarkable and giving the hope that it will add new dimension to existing monotony of IT industry, there are few employees who are sad because of this decision. The reason given is as, Due to very specific client constraints and high security policies, they will have to use client provided messaging services only and can’t use the new mode of communication. Many such employees’ have already asked for release, which in case not given; they would switch to other company. Company HR is glad that if this number increases they may not have to continue with lay-offs this year.

Note : This article is complete imagination and has been written as satire and to generate humor and does not in particular point to any person or organization or any other thing.