Friday, 23rd February, 2018

ISRO developed "Robot NaMo" to attend swearing in ceremony of Shri Nitish Kumar

21, Nov 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

New Delhi. To cool down the hot political news of NaMo’s refusal to attend the swearing in ceremony of Shri Nitish Kumar, ISRO has specially developed a “Robot NaMo” to attend his swearing in ceremony in place of Modiji.

Just after the news got confirmed, our reporters tried to connect Modiji, but he was already on board towards moon. However, we could connect Shri Amit Shah who said, “We gave contract to ISRO and not NASA as we believe in “Make in India”. This robot will not only attend the ceremonies but will also help in our “Clean India” mission. Also when required, it will fight with the terrorists like Nayak’s Anil Kapoor. We are all proud of our this step towards growth”.

Talking to an expert engineer of ISRO he said, “We have done special coding for the same which will not allow the robot to take selfies and post them on twitter. Also we have fit in special circuits in it which will not allow it to step out of the country”.

Shri Nitish Kumar tweeted on the same, “We will welcome all those who will attend my swearing in ceremony whether in original or duplicat”. His followers are still under fix that how did Nitishji managed to write so much English in one sentence? Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Momma, I will also develop my own robot which will fight elections for me and will never cry”. His followers got a sigh of relief that at least now they will be saved from hearing childish interviews”.

People of the country are just hoping that such robots should be secular, honest, trustworthy and should at least have some knowledge of our country and its problems so that the next time they won’t get confuse to choose their leader.