Thursday, 18th January, 2018

Israeli water refining jeep useful for us

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Our Prime Minister’s visit to Israel holds varied importance for India. But one thing is that which requires attention at this point in time. It is neither political nor strategic. It is simply technical. If we start using that mechanical machine solely for our indigenous purpose, there would be several benefits. Our people will find their health quite improved and discard habit of a regular medical check-up at the doctor’s clinic. It is not anything but a mobile water purification jeep which reaches every spot without difficulty.

We remain badly hit by foul or contaminated water supply in our respective houses through the pipelines stretched out in every city. The mobile water purification Jeep is definitely a useful device for Indian denizens in every respect. It can make the sour water into sweet water. Then what is bad in using this competent mechanism for our genuine purpose. The civic bodies entrusted with the responsibility of pure water supply in different cities never set hundred percent standards over the quality of water supplied through the underground pipelines. Most often the residents are overheard complaining of putrefied water, stinking water and foul water.

The complaints are generally received in this regard regularly. Even the sewer water gets mixed with the water pipelines. As a result, the water supply completely turns out unhealthy for the only purpose of drinking. When the authorities learn of the laxity, several residents had fallen victims to extremely infected drinking water supply. In such adverse case, the Israel-made water purification jeep can serve the needed purpose. At least we would be saved from drinking foul water. It can easily purify the poor quality water into precious drinking water instantly. This machine under the purview of water supply department can solve persisting problem sufficiently. The civic bodies can charge a meagre amount for cleaning the sour water into drink worthy.