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Inventor of Whatsapp 'Mute' feature gets Nobel Peace Award

21, Jun 2015 By abhilash1986

Silicon Valley: Nobel Committee has announced the winner of Nobel Peace Award – 2015. The engineer who invented and designed the Mute feature on Whatsapp has been selected for this honor with an overwhelming majority within the Committee, sources said.

Whatsapp users all over the world have welcomed this announcement. This feature has saved mankind from disturbances caused by spammers and screamers day in and day out, the users have opined.

Whatsapp Mute
give peace a chance

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the organization is proud to have acquired Whatsapp which not only connects people worldwide, but also empowers them to freely silence the unwanted group conversations through Mute button.

He says, “This is in line with his vision of”. Elated CEO of world’s largest social networking service further said, “This has indeed increased our responsibility as an organization. Facebook plans to integrate the Mute feature and take this to higher levels.”

He added, “Facebook as an organization, is committed to world peace and we have a roadmap to create a Mega Event called ‘Please shut up’ and send automatic invites to people who spam the timelines, send game requests and post messages like ‘Hai, ll u b ma fraand?’, ‘itz ma lyf, ma choiz’, ‘Press like/share within 3 sec for good luck’ , and so on.”