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Internet Explorer users start new year celebrations early

01, Jan 2014 By samkit369

Have you ever been on the highway or the expressway? Have you been slow enough to read signs like “Observe Lane discipline”, “Do Not overtake from left” or “Start early, Reach safely”. Well a few IE enthusiasts who have been IE loyalists since a decade now (2 mins silence) have taken a cue from “Start early, Reach safely”.

Start early, reach safely.
Start early, reach safely.

News is that they have formed a forum sort of thing to address their important needs. “Everybody loves the New Year and we wish to multiply our joy by wishing our friends and relatives”, said one member of the forum who did not wished to be named with the fear of embarrassment. Our correspondent was lucky enough to extract some more information from him. He said that this forum started around 2 years back and has finally gained momentum. During its inception the forum had only local frustrated members.

However, then as it gained recognition, many irritated users from other states joined. Initially all members communicated via IE but then all realised that it was easy and fast to actually travel to a common venue in a particular state and discuss about possible solutions and work-arounds.

Soon then our correspondent spotted a person his face with a handkerchief running away trying to avoid him. But our correspondent ran with Chrome-speed and got hold of him. As it turned out he was one of the co-founder of the forum. Upon trying to convince him for around 45 mins(Chrome years) he agreed to throw more light on the issue and possible solutions (obviously with the condition of anonymity).

He said he is a person with vision. (Yea right.. said our correspondent in his head as he chuckled). Ignoring this, he said he knew he had to work on a solution as early as he could. He said when he founded the forum – Community of Distressed IE Enthusiasts, he had just got married. He knew he will soon have kids and then he will eventually get old and he wished he received “New Year Greetings’ from his kids. So a solution was necessary… and fast. So they came up with a terrific, revolutionary idea of sending ‘New Year Greetings’ well in advance, like say before 8-10 months. He said that they have already started experimenting it within the community. “Results are not up to mark, but not disappointing as well. We are trying hard and we will not give up”, he said.

Interesting thing is, they expect a full-fledged execution of this solution by early 2015. Short term goals they say is to first successfully implement it for 1st January 2016. Once they are successful they wish to target IE loyalists for Gudi Padwa, Diwali, Parsi New Year and other regional New Year celebrations. “We were only Christians in the beginning, but we knew we had to increase our vote-bank .. errr.. our member-base, so we had a ‘CASTE-NO-BAR’ banner on the site and suddenly we were flooded with members. We had a first-hand experience of how lovely it is being Secular than being a Communist. We promised members that all their needs will be addressed and they all will be able to wish their loved ones ‘New Year’ or other important greetings of their respective caste and tribe.”

Our correspondent left soon because we had assigned him other important productive work. But we would like to conclude with an important message. IE enthusiasts and IE loyalists, wherever you are, which ever jungle, whichever cave, whichever village or taluka, don’t lose hope. Don’t ever say you are not beautiful. Your days will come. You guys are evolving and evolution will meet its desired output. Stay strong. Stay positive. Remember after dusk there is dawn (we know your dusk is taking a bit longer, but hey it is IE, you guys asked for it.) Hope is coming your way in the form of a visionary co-founder. Meanwhile, say this in your head, “YES We Can, and we will”.