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Indian scientist invents car engine which runs on human fart

19, May 2014 By pradeepsarkkar

Banglore based scientist Bhaaskumar Sreepadh has developed a new technology which can run your car on human fart. Yes you read it right, human fart indeed.

Eat vada paav, save fuel.

“I always knew there was more to the gas we human beings emit. If bio gas can be used for cooking why can’t human fart be used for something constructive? Based on this belief, I started working on a protoype of a modified petrol engine and managed to invent this technology where you just have to eat 4-5 vada paavs half n hour before your journey and you can easily drive for around 50-55kms,” said Bhaaskumar in an interview to a television channel.

“It is an exlcusive technology developed for the people who are already hit by the rising petrol prices. I have already applied for a patent. With minor changes to the engine and the driver’s seat any petrol car can be modified to adopt this technology,” said Bhaaskumar

On being asked whether only vada paav can be eaten, Bhaas clarified that not just vada paav, anything which produces high quantities of gas in human stomach can be eaten, such as chana.

“The reason why I would prefer Vada paav is that the combo of maida in the paav and the potato in the vada produces the best quality gas in our stomach. The difference is pretty much like the ordinary petrol we have and the premium petrol,” he added.