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Indian Mars mission finds life on Mars, even before it begins

05, Nov 2013 By honyybal

In a strange turns of events, ISRO, the foremost space research facility in India, found traces of life on martian wasteland, and that too before the launch of the actual craft.

“I don’t know much , but apparently, the guys on the lookout for radio signals from the deep space intercepted a message coming from Mars,” a research scholar at ISRO was quoted as saying, ” which for most part contained Martains’ discontent with the ISRO’s latest mission to their home planet”.

The martians , as it turns out , are extremely egoist, pessimist and dumb little bastards and think that Indians are trying to colonize the martain landscape with Indians.

We hold a copy of the decoded martain message , here’s an extract (swear words omitted)-

“..I mean just look at the statistics. In your world’s calender ,in mid 1950’s , 2 out of 10 people on earth were Indians, today its 4 out of 10 , going statistically , in 2430 , the ratios’s gonna be 10 out of 10. We are afraid that further mathematics scares the $h!t out of us. By 3000, every 25 of 10 people on earth will be Indians. That isn’t possible unless they invade other planets….”

The note further read – “… Don’t think we are , you Indian , we are gonna ..”

No official comments were available from ISRO on the matter.