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Indian IT companies to get exclusive WhatsApp desktop application

28, Oct 2014 By random007

Hyderabad. With increasing use of WhatsApp and ever-increasing display size of smartphones, India fights a power crisis in newly formed Telengana state.

Make in India initiator Modi had requested Mark Bhiaya to develop a WhatsApp desktop app that would serve dual purpose for IT society of Hyderabad where eye balls are more on mobile screen than computer.

As research says, in Indian IT companies where working for whole day 9 hrs is mandatory, folks are using their mobile more than they use their computer system, but they keep them on with some complex diagram in front in case their boss try to peep.

“It’s power wastage, plus eveyone’s mobile would be on charging all day in office, increasing the power bill for Corporates.”  Said Environment Activist who never switch off his ignition while waiting on Traffic Signal and honk soon the light goes green.

With WhatsApp Desktop Application, not only it would save Mobile Charge and Data usages, IT folks would get some more time to spend in coding/testing in their projects while waiting to receive another LOL, ROLF and smiles.

After this news came out Gallup Score of many IT companies reached its lifetime high, resumes started pouring for Companies selected for WhatsApp Desktop Beta.

When contacted by Faking News, Facebook Kumar of Tax Chor Company seems elated. He has no grievances now, he has already promised to give away his smartphone to his sister on Bhai Dhuj as sole purpose of his mobile would be solved by this breakthrough invention.

On the other side Original mobile manufacturers like Samsung and Micromax just lost USP of its business. They are threating to slowdown or even force shut down WhatsApp from its existing phones.  “This Approach by Phone manufacturer won’t benefit anyone.” said owner Mark Zukerberg and assured that he has already contacted KRK for his intervention.

KRK is expected to tweet something this evening and may later declare his account was hacked 108th time if there is a backlash. He may even threat to leave this country if Samsung/Micromax act like that. While his signature read: Tweeted from iPhone6 Plus, but he was seen typing something in his Nokia 3310.

Mudi who is now in coup for all these hungama released a press statement saying, “Mitroon WhatsApp is Basic necessity for all Indian and by 2019 every Indian would have it. ”

Meanwhile Microsoft is seeing this as a direct War by Facebook as IT companies many replace their revenue earning Lync & Communicator applications by WhatsApp. Rejoiced Many Woman Organizations Liberal found WhatsApping “Karma is a Bitch” which is no doubt in reply to Nadella’s remark on Salary hike of Female Employees.