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Indian Chemical engineer wins Nobel prize for re-extracting beer from beer shampoo

23, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Desperate times call for desperate actions,but desperation for beer has landed a Noble prize into the laps of Indian chemical engineer Talli Kumar. Mr Talli kumar who failed to stock up his beer quota prior to a Dry day, in extreme desperation went for his beer shampoo and managed to re-extract beer out of it and came out successful.

Having the beer extracted from shampoo.
Having the beer extracted from shampoo.

What started as a measure to quench a strong beer urge became the invention of the century and after capturing the imagination of millions like Talli kumar who are even ready to look deep into the drains for a drop of fermented drinks.

“This will change the world for the remainder of human existence. It brings hope that now beet is just a cosmetics rack away. It was indeed a lease of life for Beerholics. This is much more than an invention, it is a boon. Mr Talli kumar deserved Nobel prize much more than any other,” Alferd Drunk (Head of Noble committee) told faking news.

Mr Talli kumar despite our best efforts could not be contacted with, but sources have revealed that after the news broke out he drank so much so that for the next one week at least he is not expected to regain senses.