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IIT blocks "Q" and "R" button in Counter Strike on local network to boost attendance

26, Jun 2014 By debanshu

Proving yet again that they are the pioneers in technology, the professors of IIT-Delhi department of computer science have developed a new software which blocks the “Q” and the “R” buttons of the keyboard as soon as anybody on the local network tries playing Counter Strike.

Battle ground.

Professor Kirti Dhawan said , “We first thought that the students would turn away from the game when its newer version Counter Strike – Global offensive was launched. It lived up to its name and people all around the globe were offended by it. The in-game physics was slower than candy crush saga, but we have seen a sudden rise in people going back to CS 1.6 and CSS after the fiasco. We had no choice.”

Dust 2 battlefields on local networks were silent in the absence of gunshots and games saw a huge increase in game time with players hiding behind boxes with knives, waiting for the others to walk by.

“The game has become terribly biased towards counter terrorists as nobody runs in the open anymore to attempt planting a bomb.” added a teary eyed second year student Sudhir Vinod. “But we have a plan”, he continues. ” We have devised a cheat code in the game which allows players to throw the gun at the nearby player to kill him. The strategy now is to wait to buy the machine gun and haul it on the nearest enemy.”

Students now claim that the game gives them added pleasures of the Game of Thrones era, in a futuristic setting.