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Husband tracker app to be launched for Google Glass

03, Aug 2013 By Anoop Chathoth


Yes you heard it right, an App called Husband Tracker is being launched for Google Glass. While limited Google Glasses have already been distributed to the developer community, the consumer version should be out by early 2014.Around the same time the developers of this App also plan to release it for consumers.

The App is primarily targeted at women who want to keep a track on their husbands or boyfriends. The App which is currently in its Beta version has received positive feedback from almost everyone who has used it though most of them were women.The App is designed in such a way that you would have real time data sent to you which can be accessed from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Here are some of the features of this App

Tracker : This feature makes use of the GPS chip in the Glass and helps you track where exactly the person wearing the glass is currently. So the next time he says “Honey I will be late as I am in a meeting “while he is actually in a pub enjoying with his pals you know who to thank. This feature though is not new and is already available on some mobile devices, though it’s the first time being attempted on Google Glass. The feature also gives details of the full route map for the user which can be tracked for any day.

Roving Eyes: Though Google Glass has a 10 second limit for video recording this App modifies this limit so as to live stream video from the Glass to a device of your choice. So now no matter where he looks you know what he is actually up to. Even if you are out together you can always come back home or immediately check on your mobile where his eyes were wandering .So excuses like I was checking out that suit or that car when he was actually checking out the hot chick who passed by won’t work anymore. So men beware next time your eyes wander looking at the wrong places.

Adams-drop: This feature gives you a live feed of all the voice conversations and sounds in the background. So now you get to know who he is talking to and what he is talking about.

Now one may ask what happens if he decides not to wear these glasses. Well that’s for the men to answer as to why he wouldn’t want to wear one if he has nothing to hide.Moreover once installed this feature can’t be disabled from the Glass itself since all the admin rights would be with the original user who in this case would be the Wife/Girlfriend.

However questions have already been raised as to why it’s been named Husband Tracker when it could actually be used by both sexes. The developers of this App say they are primarily targeting women with this App though anyone was free to download and use this App.

So ladies next Valentine’s Day you know what to gift your Hubby/Boyfriend.

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