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Gujarati people use number 6 key more than other people

10, Sep 2013 By Pratik Purohit

Clear difference

A research shows that Gujarati people use key for “6” in mobile phone keypad more than other Indian users.

The research was carried out by a research team working for Micromax mobile which is looking to penetrate further in the Indian market.

After extensive study of the hundreds of SMSs written by the Gujarati people, research team came to this conclusion. When faking news reporter fekulal asked to explain, scientist Dr. Amit Modi remain silent but forward SMSs which was written by gujrati users. According to Dr Amit Modi, the SMSes are explaining the reasons itself.

Some of SMSes are given below:

  1. “a6a, tumne ku6 nahi kiya. 6tiyo me milo, 6tari se pitai hogi…”   [Hint: a6a = acha]
  2. “kim 6?” [How are you?]
  3. “maja ma 6u” [I am fine.]
  4. “modi 6 mari pasand” [Modi is my choice.]

Results of this research can be used by central government who is planning to distribute 2.5 crore mobile phones in the country. Meanwhile micromax is planning  to launch mobile phone with strong material used for manufacturing number “6” key.