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Girl suffers epilepsy attack after taking too many selfies for Facebook

12, Sep 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

Bangalore. In line with the latest trend of people taking selfies for their social networking profiles, a girl from the city today (who chooses to remain anonymous) has suffered an epilepsy attack after being subjected to the constant flashes by way of her camera on her smartphone.

“One moment I was fine”, the girl explained to Faking News, “and after about the 105th click, it suddenly hit me!”

Pouting while taking selfie was also one of the factor for attack.
Pouting while taking selfie was also one of the factor for attack.

The girl’s doctor, Dr Khan says that the problem is a lot more common than one might expect. “We have been stunned with the innumerable amount of cases, some even causing permanent damage such as constant twitching of the trigger forefinger with regards to taking selfies”.

When probed on the reason for the recent increase in selfie related cases, Dr Khan explained that due to friends not meeting each other in person any longer, people were starting to have to remind one another of how they looked.

“The proliferation of selfies seems to be a direct result of an uptake in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few. One of my previous patients wasn’t allowed back home because his mother didn’t recognise her own son after he’d been locked in his room chatting with his friends via Facebook for over a week. The boy even texted his maid via Facebook when he wanted to eat or drink something.”

“It is true,” one of Dr Khan’s latest patient’s, Vishal confirmed, “I was in police lockup for days because my father thought I was a burglar one night when he found me in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge. Papa thought that I had already left for College abroad two weeks before when I had actually been talking to my friends through Twitter. It took three days for the police to let me go because I didn’t know who to go to, to prove my identity!”

The girl who has currently been ordered to take full bed rest has had her electronic appliances confiscated; however her phone is still with her as Dr Khan fears that making her go cold turkey could cause heart palpitations.

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