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Girl in coma after iOS 8 update

20, Sep 2014 By Agnel

Jaipur. In yet another blow to Apple after it’s latest OS update – Seba Sharma has gone into coma because of her iPhone 5s.

Heavy indeed!
Heavy indeed!

It is being rumored that Apple had asked all it’s users to free up at least 3 GB of space to install their iOS 8 update(which incidentally needs just 1GB) and Seba who owns an iPhone 5s wanted the update so bad that she was ready to do anything for it. When she learnt that she would need to clear the certain amount of space for the same and when the phone intim(id)ated her into it – she deleted her photographs assuming that they would be on the iCloud.

She later learnt that her account was having issues and that her photographs were all gone for good. It is said that she went into a state of shock because apparently she had taken 988 selfies over the last few days so that she could partake in the 100 happy days challenge. “I had close to 1000 photographs to choose from – for the 100 Happy Day Challenge and now I’m left with nothing. How will I ever be Happy? How will I keep my Instagram profile updated? How will my followers know how I look on a daily basis? How will they know my nail color? My hairdo! My clothes! I have 200 people following me and I get at least 10 likes on every picture I post. I’m devastated. I’ve lost all my savings that I had accumulated over the last few days,” were her last words before she slipped into a coma.

Instagram officials refused to comment but it is said that her parents are in conversation with some hackers who might have a backup of her photographs so they could retrieve it from them and show them to her in the hope that, it would motivate her into getting back to normal and prevent her from getting into a full-stop. Tim Cook to keep Apples image has offered her an iPhone 6+ which would allow her to take better selfies than the 5s(girls take note).

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