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Frustrated of regular traffic, Bangalore techie creates Iron Man suit

18, Apr 2014 By nimitshah

Bangalore: A Bangalore based software engineer Rahul Malik made a breakthrough achievement by bringing the Iron Man suit to reality.

Iron Man Suit

Rahul Malik a TCS employee says he had always dreamed of building such a suit but never got the impetus. Over the years, he would watch the birds fly above freely while he was sitting in a bus stuck in traffic jam. One such day he thought, enough was enough and decided to make the suit.

“Now I can fly freely above the potholes and the traffic of the city,” said a beaming Mr. Malik. He used to spend 2 hours on a one way commute to work every day.

The crowd of over 1000 people was watching in amazement as Mr. Malik landed on the hillock in Lalbaugh to present his suit. During his speech he said that he was deeply thankful of his employer. Had he not been benched at TCS, he would never get the free time to work on the design of the suit.

The TCS employees present over there were visibly proud of their colleague’s achievement while the HAL scientists were found with an incredulous expression and scratching their heads.

The sitting MP from Bangalore, Mr. Arun Kumar said, “Thanks to the work of our government that Bangalore is filled with tech companies and hence great minds like Rahul Malik. He has decided to name a stretch of Electronic city flyover after him.”

When asked for a reaction, Mr. Malik’s parents said, “We are very proud of what our child has achieved. We always knew that it was better for him to join engineering rather than follow his dream of becoming a pilot”.

Mr. Malik is reportedly in talks with Lockheed Martin and Boeing over making his design commercially viable. Reports say that NSA was already aware of his idea having seen his Google search history and the US army may use the suits in the future as opposition to drones rises.