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Finance guy beaten up in Bangalore’s IT park for not knowing Java

17, Oct 2014 By viveks

Another incident of hate crime recently surfaced in one of the IT Tech park of Bangalore when a finance professional was rounded up by few techies and beaten to death for not knowing Java. As per the eyewitness account, the victim Mr. Bernake was having tea and samosas from a street vendor when 4 people surrounded him. Since Mr. Bernake was in full formal attire , they easily figured out he was not from the IT park and started asking him do you know Java. When Bernake refused, they started beating him, saying what is he doing in IT park when he doesn’t know Java.

Bangalore crowd
Bangalore crowd

They claimed that anyone who is in Bangalore’s IT park needs to know to code in Java or least in C/C++. On surfacing of this incident there has been a reign of terror in entire city amongst the entire non-coder community. NIIT reported that they have recently received lot of application from people who want to learn beginner level Java so that they can feel safe in the city. Bangalore police when asked about the incident said:

If (incident >1) then situation = “serious” Else Chill

While many have feared their lives, a lot of coders who specialize in Linux have cited discrimination and have said that city should get rid of these Java fanatics. Meanwhile victim Mr. Bernake said that he doesn’t feel safe in the city anymore and might enroll in Java learning program to prevent such incidents from happening again. Only time will tell whether such incidents will occur in future but faking news recommends all its readers to learn few java commands they are scheduled to visit Bangalore particularly any of its IT park.