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Few things Nokia Lumia-520 TV adverts have taught us

20, Jul 2013 By rahul2freaky

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  • Women are still couple of centuries away from interpreting cricket scores and other cliched things related to cricket (P.S- I don’t blame them for this, of course the lack of twist and turns that they see in regular saas-bahu soaps is the rationale behind it.) 😀
  • India needs to invest a lot to come up with fast and efficient elevators. 10 floors in 2.5 minutes is ludicrous , even lackadaisical imp like Tyrion Lannister can climb that faster through staircase.
  • It takes more time to convince a woman for a trivial task than to search any information on Nokia 520. (P.S- Its got nothing to do with women, its just that Nokia’s processor is ultra fast)  :P
  • Never go to a movie or a restaurant  with your GF/BF on TV advert’s suggestion. There are chances you may screw up your steady relationship.
  • Booking a railway ticket on IRCTC being a mammoth task still continues to elude humans. No wonder, they didn’t try to book a railway ticket in 2.5 minutes. Rest assured, that guy would  have come out after watching “Shaitan” and Nokia Lumia would’ve been still trying to open page.


  • Nokia Lumia 520’s screen is still not big enough to accommodate Chaminda Vaas’s name on a single scroll- Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas.
  • It still doesn’t come with features like- ATM, mini bar, chauffeur driven car et al. Also, it can’t take your GF out for shopping and nod head on your mother in law’s incessant rants.
  • Nokia handsets have become like Rajnikanth jokes. Gazillion in count,hardly differentiable and heavily inspired.
  • For their Hyderabadi customers, Nokia should have rechristened the phone as LELO MIA 520. Rest assured, it’d driven the sale in these neck of woods.