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Facebook does a Sibbal, all WhatsApp related updates to be screened

23, Feb 2014 By Nilesh Kumar

Facebook has banned all the status updates with #WhatsApp tag unless approved by them, in a move following development of a minor glitch in the recently acquired messenger service which has caused widespread panic. Facebook was flooded with “Shame on you FB” updates immediately as the blackout happened.

Facebook censorship

A dejected certain Mr. Raju who was always found online on WhatsApp reports- “Firstly I thought that my Idea network has blacked out since it has never happened in last 3 years that WhatsApp server has failed, but then even my friends having Airtel and Vodafone were having similar problems, causing the realization of hard truth- The WhatsApp server are down. But I am not blaming Facebook, the servers were running continuous 24*7 for 3 years, they might have burned out and these days even the extended warranty doesn’t go beyond 2 years. Or it might also be the case that NSA was scanning the data and the blackout happened unintentionally. I mean Its FB not Congress that will buy a rival service and make them defunct.” 

Ramu Kaka, a tea vendor at JNU whose customers were informed through WhatsApp whenever a fresh ‘Degchi’ of chai was made; is apprehensive about the return “Subah hoe se pahile ee shuru ho jaaye ke chaahin na ta hum sab bhaiya log ke kaise batiym ki chai ban gayil ba, aa ke pee ja, aur kal TVF walan ke Chai Sutta Chronicle ke naya episode ke shooting ba, agar stall pe bheerd na rahi ta na shooti log

Meanwhile all poking of Mark Zukerberg’s profile has got no response, we will update as soon as he releases any statement.