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Customer attempts suicide after realizing download speed

24, Feb 2013 By smartovi

Noida, NCR. Karim Singh (changed name) who is working in private company as Sales Manager in Noida is in a hospital in serious condition after he realized the download speed of his new internet connection.

Karin was earlier expelled by many companies for downloading movies during working hour and increasing the internet bill of company. Yesterday he purchased new phone of Samsung for downloading movies and videos. Later he attempt suicide after experiencing the download speed of his internet connection.

In his office he is known as BABA-DOWNLOADER because he is fond of downloading material from internet. For completing his fondness, he purchased new phone of Samsung having OS Android 4.04 and a DoCoMo SIM. He recharged it of rs. 250 on SIM for unlimited 3G data plan for downloading movies.

In this special interview, he told Faking News that after purchasing mobile and SIM he returned home and plugged the mobile for charging and started downloading the movie JAB TAK HAI JAAN(1080p) in HD Quality of 2.5 GB.

“I was very happy and started doing my regular work. After 1:30 hours, I saw my phone and movie was downloaded more than 1%. I lay on my bed waiting for completion of movie, but after 2 hours I checked my mobile again, and movie was still at 1%. Then I checked the downloading speed, it was – 48 bytes per second! It was really a big shock for me, because I spent my whole salary on purchasing mobile and SIM card, and I have no reason to live because my whole salary is already spent,” Karim explained why he attempted suicide.

“But I was saved by my colleague, who had come to my home for watching my new mobile and for using Facebook on it,” he added.