Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Critical Instagram on ventilator

30, Nov 2013 By Aditya Rai

Tech Doctors have diagnosed the leading photo sharing social-app Instagram with new diseases. The app which is very famous among the youth, allows you to share photographs from your mobile devices has been diagnosed with ‘Food-Poisoning’ and ‘Selfie-Syndrome’.

Doctors blame the enormous amount of Food-Photos, mainly junk shit can be one of the main reason for food poisoning. Youngsters (see: Cool, wannabe, faggot) who are so jobless that they keep uploading photos of everything they eat are being blamed for the current state of Instagram.

Doctors also suspect that the amount of Cake and Desserts photos are too damn high, which can mean High-sugar level, resulting in Diabetes. As if this wasn’t   enough, a new virus F3G3T-2K13 has attacked Instagram resulting in Selfie-Syndrome.

Ugly faces and weird expressions like duckfaces and pouts are the main reasons for this. Best doctors from across the globe are trying to save Instagram, which is in a critical condition right now. Government has taken various steps like ‘Kya Kool hain hum’ camps where various youngsters responsible for the current state of Instagram are being treated.

Many Social activists are demanding proper security for Instagram or they will start their typical-anshan outside every mobile store. BJP and Congress are busy blaming each other for the current state of Instagram. Doctors predict lung cancer will not be a surprise for Instagram in recent future, observing the number of ‘smoke’ photos being uploaded.

Celebrities like Pappi Lehri and Kalia Bhatt have come forward to take a stand against such youngsters. Companies like Kaayam-Churan and Hajmola have also shown some support.

“Instagram ko insaaf zaroor milega, hum uske saath hain.” – Kejriwal Sire.