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Corrupt memory card starts working fine after being exposed to Kejriwal’s speeches

15, Jan 2014 By Tanuj Khosla

Nagpur: In a bizarre development, Padai Bekaar, a third year engineering student has credited Arvind Kejriwal’s anti-corruption speeches for the repair of his corrupt memory card. Faking News interviewed him a short-while ago and this is what he had to say – “My memory card got corrupted in late 2012.

Kejru Effect
Kejru Effect

I spent ten minutes trying to fix it but without any luck. Frustrated I dumped it along with my other junk in the cabinet above my television and forgot about it. Last week I stumbled upon it while searching for my engineering books as exams are around the corner. Since I couldn’t find the books, I decided to inspect the memory card once again. Surprisingly it worked!!!

This miracle could only have been possible due to the anti-corruption speeches made by Arvind Kejriwal that plays day in and day out on our television thanks to my elder sister who finds Kejriwal hot. Those speeches led to the automatic repair of my corrupt memory card. I am now using it as a backup for my porn collection.”

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “I am not the least bit surprised by this news.” said Tanuj while squeezing a lemon in his glass of mango lassi, “My younger brother’s corrupt hard disk started working perfectly after he exposed it to Kejriwal’s speeches.

The anti-corruption drive of AAP may or may not have an impact on the systems in the country but are definitely helping the owners of memory devices much to the anger of computer hardware vendors. I believe many software companies are beta testing the impact of his speeches on corrupt softwares now.

Rahul Gandhi has also been rumoured to rehearse anti-corruption speeches in order to open up this new source of revenue for the Congress but apparently he is unable to make eye contact and bring conviction to his voice when he makes them. Congress is considering roping in Armaan Kohli to train him in the art of bullshiting while bullying in order to address this problem. Watch this space.”