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CCTVs banned in India after a petition by editor of a magazine

28, Nov 2013 By blogavathy

Delhi:  The Supreme Court (SC) moots on banning and thus removing CCTVs from anywhere in India after considering a mass signed petition. The petition  signed by  400 billion (mostly male) population in India consisting of eminent journalists, politicians and lawyers, will take effect from January 2014.

CCTV under scrutiny
CCTV under scrutiny

Reasons cited  for the ban were – capturing molestation and assaults and the  right to engage in public display of affection.

Varun Vejpal of  Sensational magazine, who was recently caught on CCTV, pulling a female journalist into a hotel lift, had strong words in support of this  ban.

“CCTV restricts your individuality. You can’t do anything in this country without being watched! S*** what is this place. Are we all part of Big Brother reality show?” he fumed at a press conference. The female journalist he allegedly assaulted had filed a case against him thanks to the CCTV footage evidence, from the hotel in question.

The ban of CCTV gathered much support in political sphere too.  Marendra Nodi, believes that the idea  of banning CCTV is “okay” provided that some of CCTVs be used under the control of the “right” set of people. “I am always for democracy. Banning CCTV only means that we respect lives and their right to privacy. But, of course if the State demands ‘looking more closely’ at people of suspicion, then there is nothing wrong. For it is the case of my..I mean, the State’s interest.”

Many netizens have taken to the social media to  show their support for the ban. ” I can’t kiss my girlfriend in public, at a park or even in the elevator. #WTF #DownWithCCTV” was the angst filled post by @hornyteen, a twitterati.

A counter movement with many human rights organization had approached SC for this “rather stupid move”. A fast-track sessions court will hear them out at the earliest possible date (on December 2040).