Monday, 19th February, 2018

CCTV: Living planet's third eye

05, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: We seem to be viewing everything with the help of the modern-day technological device of the close circuit television cameras. These are a scientific boon for us. The very help of such kind of equipment frees us from the tension of remaining awakened when we need to enjoy a relaxed sleep in the night and stay observant of every activity in the day.

It appears as if everything is being guarded by the close circuit cameras fixed at every streets, roads and building. It is these devices which are efficiently managing all the responsibilities of those vital departments entrusted with the accountabilities of safeguarding us. An assistance of these cameras’ footages is sought regularly in order to solve complex cases. The very last evidence is gathered and confirmed from this established electronic mechanism.

Incontrovertibly, this effective equipment is the third eye of the earth. Its valuable benefit is that all the actions are swiftly captured within its range that provides necessary material for studying the case. More than this, its advanced version in the shape of drones is also extending the crucial purpose. A large amount of money is being spent on maintenance and installation of the CCTVs. We usually come across the plank declaring u r directly under the sharp camera’s eyes.

In crowded markets and busy crossings, its use is quite common these days. There are as many as city’s 70 crossings which are equipped with these speedy sentinel devices. In absence of proper upkeep of the apparatus, its usefulness is not suitably utilised at public places. What to say of its installation on important crowded places, the residential areas are being brought under its close watch. It is good in the sense that what the dogs and watchmen were asked to do traditionally is now seemed to have been shifted to the closed circuit micro cameras.

However, there are people who feel no compunction in speaking out that the human guard only whistles and the cameras perform the whole manoeuvre in detecting the misguided endeavours. However, when we happen to go through the shattering and smashing of these worthwhile vigilant tools, the futility of these small devices is realised at such bad time. Otherwise, this electronic instrument keeps on working with the concentration of the public weal.