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Candy Crush makers sponsor research for prosthetic thumb after a man tears his thumb tendon by playing Candy Crush nonstop

17, Apr 2015 By sunnyyy

US & A: In a bizarre move of its kind, owners of Candy Crush sponsor research for making an effective prosthetic thumb for playing Candy Crush for days without halt. The decision was taken after a 29 year old man, Bama Obbarack, tore his thumb tendon by playing Candy Crush nonstop for a month.

“This is a serious matter, we have to think about the revenue lost by us and the time lost by Bama Obarack for getting his thumb diagnosed and treated, he will have to make up for it and he might end up tearing the tendons of his other thumb and toes as well. To prevent this, we are funding a research to make prosthetic thumb for Candy Crushers out there to let them keep playing even after tearing their tendons”. Spokesperson of Candy Crush told Faking news as he completed another level in Candy Crush.

Play it at your own risk or wait for some time to play it with prosthetic thumb
Play it at your own risk or wait for some time to play it with prosthetic thumb

He further added, “all the employees working in Candy Crush company have torn tendons in at least one of their thumbs because we make them play it for hours every day, the prosthetic thumb will come in handy for us as well.

On being contacted by Faking news, Bama Obbarack’s friend Beorge Jush said, “this is a sigh of relief for us, I thank God from the bottom of my I-phone 6, Bama Obbarack getting his thumb torn is the best thing happened after Interstellar, all the day we use to get these Candy Crush requests on Facebook and many a times, I clicked on that and ended up ruining my snooping and stalking on girls and now no more of that at least for some time.

According to our sources, Rahul Baba who has just returned from vacation, was getting his thumb treated with full body massages in Bangkok after playing Candy Crush nonstop during winter session of Parliament.

“Earlier, politicians used to sleep and snore in parliament during sessions which was contagious and then smart phones happened, things changed completely, at least Rahul Baba doesn’t sleep but uses his precious little brains to make strategies to win in games if not in elections”.  Shukla Rajiv told Faking news as he poked Priyanka Gandhi on Facebook.