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Boy gets thrashed for using Google Glass

13, Nov 2014 By ricky1994

It’s been a while since the Google Glass has been released, but Indians unfamiliar with its magic flayed away its innovation as a means of another harassment. In a culturally and socially sensitive society like ours, standing around in the open with weird glasses and howling out instructions isn’t going to be a dream run after all.

Shashwat still has the eye patch on to hide some horrid scars beneath that Captain Sparrow look. A technology buff, Shashwat made sure he got his hands on the Glass as soon as possible.

“I reached out to my Uncle in US to get my one of those. I have always been crazy about gadgets. Gadgets are the operating system of my banal existence, and games are like my power source.”

Shashwat was recently trying out his new Google Glass in the Delhi DTC bus, trying to catch up with the cool features. “I was tweaking around with the features, just trying to get an idea to how things worked.”

Meanwhile the aunty and her daughters standing in the same bus saw a beaver looking guy with weird glasses staring right at her breasts. With his eyes wide open and gaping mouth, flicking his fingers on his glasses, as if to signal something, the guy wouldn’t even blink for a second.

“In the middle of my watching a video, I don’t know why, the lady in the bus punched me through my glass,” says Shashwat. “She started to howl abuses at me and in no time, I was being beaten by the crowd around me. The bus stopped and more people climbed in just to beat me up. Then they dragged me out of the bus and tore my shirt off completely. Somebody even took away my wallet.”

On being asked to respond regarding the issue, Google has gone onto issue a national directive to all Google Glass users in India. They have expressed their regret over the incident and hope that the directive will help minimize such incidents in the future.

The directive states, “All Glass users must refrain from initiating Glass Processes in public places, so not to insinuate any ill-motivated intention. Glass being a new concept, may make users vulnerable to public humiliation apart from being taken as a person with unsound mind or delusional.”