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Bharat Ratna award for Software Engineers

22, Aug 2014 By abhishekkunal

After  Mr. Narendra Modi confirmed the role of IT industry in creating India  a global brand, IT engineers across the country were spotted in teary eyes. Some parents have refused to eat saying that it was a long awaited praise from the PM of India, so now they are repaying the deities whose blessings have worked. Elated by this benevolence of Mr. PM, Some project leaders from select outsourcing companies have demanded for a new category of Bharat Ratna award called “Bharat Ratna For Distinguished Software Services Export”.

They also refused to curtail the title of this award , the reason given was that Indian IT engineers have long been molested by their MBA counterparts, and hence it was high time for a befitting reply, a change in this award’s title may reduce the increased deterrence which engineers intend to build against them. The award has been said to be conferred to those engineers whose code deployment has gone successful and there is no complaint within 10 minutes of the deployment. Provision for an additional award is also being considered in case of a client appreciation.

While on the NewsHour, Arnab debating with himself has pointed out that this award fails to recognize the existence of testers, and hence may jeopardize the mutually beneficial bilateral agreement which generally happens just before the deployment of a code gone haywire. Following this, a tension has gripped the industry acknowledging ages old animosity between the Developers community and the Testers community.

Testers community is contemplating over joining hands with AAP to sit on a dharna to protest the continued atrocities by developers on them. Fearing some possible violent clashes between these two communities, the head of Bhartiya Developers Party was quick enough to come up with an additional proposal for giving testers the awards of those award recipients who have disappointed the nation consistently. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was untraceable following this development.