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Beware: You may be arrested for carrying a Nokia 3310

27, Feb 2017 By हराMeReporter

Who doesn’t remember the Nokia 3310? That tiny rounded phone with a black and white display, an iconic game like Snake and rock solid- so hard that it is enough to injure someone badly. Released for the first time back in 2000, the Nokia 3310 has been known for the solid build, kickass battery backup and iconic Nokia stuff. But just yesterday, Nokia released an another variant of that mini-bomb that you can safely carry around in your pocket, make calls, shoot blurry pictures with 2 MegaPixel camera and also, you can browse the web. Wait, don’t worry, I didn’t mean Galaxy Note 7 by referring it as bomb. Not just Nokia 3310, we have seen other phones from the brand stopping bullet. For the record, last such incident was reported last year in October. The device is set to gets launched again, but do not take any decision now as carrying it around may soon be illegal in India.

Phone or a Bomb?
Phone or a Bomb?

Nokia 3310 has been just re-launched in a new avatar with some extra added features, but overall there are much similarities in terms of design and the battery life. The media picked up the story as fast as light as many techies were eagerly waiting for the comeback of the phone which used to be their companion in teenage. However, one of the most significant changes that I noticed immediately is the lack of ‘patli pin’, instead of that Nokia decided to use microUSB for both charging and data transfer this time. And the Nokia 3310 has now a standard headphone jack.

While many people are eagerly waiting for the device to get launched in India, Supreme Court has stated that ‘the Nokia 3310 is too dangerous to be carried around as it may be used a communication device as well as a weapon and people who may carry it might be detained for investigation if suspected of terror activities’. The Supreme Court of India has set up a special bench for investigation and analysis of the threat that may come from the possession of the phone. However, many bureaucrats and techies have abolished the myths and have stated that the phone may actually save lives than killing others. Our special team has reached out to the Prime Minister of India to know whether he wants to supply Nokia 3310 to NRIs living in the US so that they can use it for self-defence; as the word ‘intolerrance’ has infected even the US and after the murder of an Indian on foreign land, the Government is anxious and planning to do something for the people working or studying in a different country. However, Prime Minister Modi has told us that he has bigger plans and he wants Nokia to be a part of ‘Make in India’. We are now expecting a clash between the court and the Government regarding the possession of the Nokia 3310, which is a big reason for HMD Global to think about the future of its products, especially the Nokia 3310 as it is targetted to developing nations like India. We will be updating you with the same as soon as we receive any official statement from the PMO.