Friday, 19th January, 2018

Astrologers association requests ISRO for direct uplinks to Mangalyaan

27, Sep 2014 By pagalmalabari

New Delhi: Astrologers Association India had requested ISRO for direct uplinks to Mangal Yaan to solve Manglik issues said “Pandit Bajan Andaviswasa” chairman of the association. Mangalik was a major issue in the past for getting an ideal match for a girl. Even though we had committed in numerous rituals in the name of Manglik we astrologers were sceptical of our prayers reaching the Mars Mangal).

Thanks to ISRO now we can directly deliver our rituals to Mars. We hope our beloved PM Sri. Narendra Modi will recommend our cause. A recent survey had shown that 88% of unmarried woman in India had remained unmarried due to bad luck from Mars. Women who had become widow due to ignorance of astrological advice may be even higher. We also hope to get majority of these unmarried and widow women married soon, even though at present the cost of data uploads to Mars are very high. At least the richer women can get  married now, he added with a smirk.

Also in the future if India is able to establish a 2G band communication system with Mars, things would look even better.