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Apple to provide "Belan" free with iphone 6 Plus

29, Sep 2014 By bhaarat

California. After Tim Cook read the trolling articles on bending of iPhone 6 Plus, he appointed a special research team consisting of 9 Americans and one Indian.

When the team was about to lose hope, the only Indian gave a ‘desi jugaad‘ solution which received a standing ovation during the presentation. He suggested using a ‘Belan’ (which is used in India to make rotis) to rectify the bend.


He demonstrated that Belan can be used with high accuracy and precision to undo the exact (formerly believed ‘irreparable’) damage done to the phone. At the same time he also warned that if used excessively, the user may end up converting his iPhone to iPad. The Belan jugaad was not only accepted but was also nominated for Apple’s ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award.

Inspired by the usability of Belan, Apple has decided to invest $20 million in manufacturing iBelans. The Manufacturing head of Apple is in talks with the local Belan makers in India.┬áThe manufacturing cost of Belans in India is less than half a $, but analysts at PWC believe than after embossing the ‘Bitten Apple’ tag, it will possibly be sold for more than $199, making Belans a niche product.

When queried, Samsung commented they have no plans to enter the Belan market, as their smartphone users are too smart to be sold Belan as a niche product. We got similar responses from Micromax and other local manufacturers.

[Note: This article is inspired by a 9Gag article. Link ]